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Being an insurance broker involves more than just selling a product. Developing a successful career in this field of service is about selling peace of mind, security, and well-being to those who purchase a policy, whether for themselves or their loved ones. 

As part of TU Agencia Insurance’s policy, our brokers must always act in good faith and favor of the client. Therefore, when deciding to work in this field, it is important to keep in mind that it is not just about making money but helping people in the right way.  

To achieve the expected performance, certain skills must be developed, which will be key to achieving a solid client portfolio. Some of these qualities are good communication, flexibility, a positive attitude, service vocation, learning commitment, and leadership.

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No, to practice this occupation you only need to have your insurance broker license.

Yes, you must take the pre-licensing course for health and life or pre-licensing for car, and take a state test to become a certified insurance broker. 

No. It is a relatively inexpensive investment for the broad field of work and the many opportunities you will have once you are licensed. 

The requirements to become an insurance broker in Florida are quite simple: be a resident, be in the process of obtaining residency, and/or have a work permit. Be at least 18 years old and maintain satisfactory moral behavior.

August 2021 data reflects that the average income for an insurance broker in Florida is $49,542, but the range is frequently between $45,247 and $55,886. Salary ranges vary greatly by city and some other essential factors such as education, certifications, complementary talents, and the number of years you have worked in your field (Source: Salary.com). 90% of the best brokers earn a median of $61,661.

It's a career that you can have either way. Being an independent insurance brokers is a very rewarding profession that is not difficult to navigate. While some states differ in their exact requirements, most states in the United States follow the same process.

It is typical for groups to charge upfront fees. However, if those fees exceed $5,000, then it may be time to look elsewhere. A group will incur costs when setting up and adding new agencies to their group, and sometimes they will pass those costs on to the new member. But there is a point at which the fee becomes unreasonable for the services provided, so beware when these fees feel excessive. Better yet, find a group that has no upfront fees.

Most organizations or groups make money by splitting commissions with their agency members.

Many groups charge monthly fees. Sometimes these fees cover a minimum amount needed to run the group at the management level. Other times it covers the "technology" requirements set by the group. These fees are common and can be reasonable, but you should ask yourself what they are and why they are charged.

It is very common for agency owners to overlook this scenario. Agency owners get excited about joining a group and do not consider a situation where they would like to leave.

The most common exit fees are based on a percentage of annual revenue.

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