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Health care in the U.S. is of great quality but not cheap. Two out of three families that file for bankruptcy do so because of reasons related to medical expenses. But how do you keep your savings and assets safe in the face of a likely need for medical care?

Basically, health insurance is a contract between a person and an insurance company that protects you and your family from having your life savings jeopardized by a medical problem. Just as you have your home or vehicle insured, you should have your health insured. If your vehicle is damaged, you can buy another one or use public transportation, but your health is irreplaceable. It must be cared for and attended to with immediacy.

Through this contract, the insurance company agrees to pay part of your expenses in case you need medical attention. In return, you agree to pay a monthly fee to the insurance company, which will help cover the other part of your medical expenses.

Our service as an insurance company is to keep you connected with companies that establish business relationships with networks of healthcare providers such as hospitals, clinics, and doctors. 

A health insurance contract deals with important issues such as:

What premium will the client pay for their plan? How much are the client’s deductible, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses? How will the payment percentages be split between the insurer and the client? What medical services and prescription drugs are covered? What are the options? What is the right option? 

Our job is to get to know you and your needs to match you with the right plan based on where you live, work, income, age, medical conditions, and requirements. This way we will help you get the best coverage for the lowest price.

With the assistance of our specialists, you will get what you need: personalized and differential treatment, the best customer service, and a policy that could have a monthly expense equal to $0 USD.

Your health is something we take very seriously. With TU Agencia Insurance you get the right coverage for your health and finances. We maximize your benefits while reducing your expenses!

Among the general options to get health insurance, we offer the following options for you and your family:

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Private Insurance
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Medical Plans
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With Obamacare insurance, you and your family get comprehensive health protection at a very low cost. You only need to reside in the United States for the government to assist you with your health plan. 

Contact us today! We’ll help you save money by enrolling you quickly and successfully. 

With Obamacare health insurance, you can get a monthly risk premium as low as $0 USD.

All health plans have these 10 basic benefits:

There are many more benefits, TU Agencia Insurance can help you get the ones that are right for you, making Your Life, Your World better. 

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Medicare supplemental insurance policies are standardized. You will always get the basic services regardless of the insurer that provides them. 

With us, you can get a Medicare supplement insurance plan at a lower cost and you will enjoy excellent customer service while being guided by a friendly and experienced team.

At TU Agencia Insurance, we will help you obtain health insurance with:

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Private Insurance

Opting for private health insurance is an increasingly common decision in the United States because of the quality of service. It is health insurance offered by insurance companies that do not have federal government credits to reduce premiums. Although these private health insurance plans suffer from cost-cutting, they do have essential health benefits.

With TU Agencia, we can help you get PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans, which have medical providers that form a menu of offers or a network of participants. You may also be able to receive medical services outside of your insurer’s network, but you will be required to pay a higher co-payment for this benefit.

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Medical Plans

Discount medical plans work as an alternative for people who do not qualify for Obamacare or Medicare because of their legal status or income. 

To save money and be protected against any medical need, you can sign up for a discounted medical plan. These are not health insurance. They do not include hospitalization or emergency care, but they will accept you regardless of your medical condition, and you will be able to visit a doctor, or a specialist and even get medical checkups.

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